We are technologists, and educators but first and foremost.

The CryptiQ team is a formidable ensemble of industry veterans, boasting extensive experience across a diverse array of fields. From finance to artificial intelligence, information technology to project management, each member brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Their collective knowledge and skill set are the pillars upon which CryptiQ’s success rests. 

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Safety is Imperative in the Blockchain Space

Our stringent adherence to Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance within the cryptocurrency industry.

Meet the Team

Dave F

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dave F, the visionary founder of CryptiQ, is an inspiring leader with a remarkable track record of driving innovation and steering the company towards groundbreaking solutions in the world of blockchain and finance.


Mazin E

Chief Technology Officer

Meet Mazin E, a world-class coder and project manager with an incredible 25+ years of experience in the tech realm! His expertise is the backbone of CryptiQ, ensuring top-notch coding and seamless project management that sets the bar high in the industry.

Pieter F

Chief Financial Officer

Pieter is a highly successful entrepreneur who navigated the intricate world of finance and mastered the art of strategic business ventures that yield unparalleled success. His visionary approach and financial acumen make him a force to be reckoned with.

We are special with our values

Our unwavering trust in Shibizen values, such as transparency, community-driven initiatives, and inclusivity, forms the core of CryptiQ’s mission to create a more equitable and decentralized financial future.







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