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WEB3 Reimagined

The Cryptiq Web3 Browser & Ecosystem offers a seamless and secure Web3 experience, encompassed within an innovative web browser.

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WEB3 Browser

The Browser designed for the everyday Blockchain user. With the ability to accomodate any chain and product, this is a new innovation in WEB3.

Multi Sig Wallet

Assuring security across multiple Blockchains with our Multi Sig Wallet. A key piece of infrastructure for any chain and one that is already live on emerging Blcokchains

Music Platform

Cryptiq Music & AMA offers a seamless entertainment experience across multiple platforms, providing an immersive fusion of music streaming and interactive AMA sessions.

Become a Stakeholder in CryptiQ by purchasing the Token

With our Decentralized Ownership Model (DOM) Every single Token Holder effectively owns a part share in the CryptiQ Company.  

Cross platform Applications to be Enjoyed

CryptiQ’s cross-platform applications offer universal access to their cryptocurrency services on any device.

Token Burns

CryptiQ tokens experience automatic burning with each transaction, reducing the total supply and increasing their scarcity.

Fully KYC Compliant

We take proactive steps make sure your information and transactions are secure, completing a KYC Certification with Both Assure Defi & Also with the team at the Marswap Exchange.
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Code audit completed with Microsoft.
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Every Blockchain Needs a Browser. We build Multi-Chain.

The CryptiQ WEB3 Browser


Providing Multi Signature infrastructure for Emerging Blockchains.

The CryptiQ Safe Wallet


Supporting Startups with much needed infrastructure

The CryptiQ Startup Platform

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Key Web Analytics to drive growth and adoption.

The CryptiQ Analytics Platform

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Track Key SEO Data and information to ge the most out of your website.

CryptiQ SEO & Tooling Platform

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Create content on the fly, easily and intuitively.

CryptiQ Technical Drawing Platform

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