Shaping the future of WEB3 through an Expansive Suite of Decentralized Applications

The Cryptiq Web3 Browser & Ecosystem offers a seamless and secure Web3 experience.

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Every Blockchain Needs a Browser. We build on Shibarium.

The CryptiQ WEB3 Browser


Supporting Startups with much needed infrastructure

The CryptiQ Startup Platform

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Key Web Analytics to drive growth and adoption.

The CryptiQ Analytics Platform

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Track Key SEO Data and information to ge the most out of your website.

CryptiQ SEO & Tooling Platform

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Create content on the fly, easily and intuitively.

CryptiQ Technical Drawing Platform

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Multi Sig Wallets to ensure Safety

The Cryptiq Integration of Safe Technology allows for a safe and secure Multi-signature wallet on Shibarium, trusted by millions of users.

An Ecosystem that will change your life.

Our ecosystem is dedicated to changing lives by harnessing the transformative power of Web3 technologies to create new opportunities and empower individuals around the world.

Multiple Platforms

Our ecosystem spans multiple platforms, forging connections and driving innovation across diverse digital landscapes, making an impact that extends beyond boundaries.

Create with Ease

Our Creative platforms unleash boundless artistic potential, fostering creativity and enabling individuals to express themselves through a unique canvas of digital artistry.

Decentralised Ownership

Decentralized ownership lies at the core of our philosophy, granting individuals true control over their assets and data in the Web3 era.

Multi Wallet Compatible

Our services are Web3 wallet compatible, providing seamless integration with your digital wallet for a secure and convenient experience in the decentralized web.

Introducing the CryptiQ Music and AMA Platform.

At Cryptiq Web3, our innovative music and AMA (Ask Me Anything) platform transcends traditional boundaries for a secure and Seamless Platform.

Multicurrency support

Verified Artists

Create Playlists and Listen Offline

Pay in $SHIB

CryptiQ Media is the new WEB3 Experience

The Cryptiq Media Platform stands as a visionary cornerstone in the Web3 landscape, designed to revolutionize the way we experience and interact with digital content, offering a dynamic, decentralized ecosystem where creators, artists, and media enthusiasts can seamlessly publish, share, and engage.

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