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CryptiQ see the Shibarium Blockchain as the perfect home for their project and one which they believe will scale very shortly to maintain a vast TVL on-chain.

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Our Tokenomics & Token Taxation

Our Tokenomics and taxation play an important part in the economics of our Decentralized Company

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Simple Taxation whilst burning the native token.

2% Ops | 1% Burn

CryptiQ’s token taxation system has been meticulously designed to benefit both the project’s long-term sustainability and its supportive community of token holders. When you engage in buying or selling CryptiQ tokens, a 3% tax is applied to the transaction, with each portion carefully allocated for specific purposes.

A Simple but Effective Supply Structure with no hidden tokens or issues.

2.5% Liquidity | 35.9% Investors | 61.6% Burned Supply

CryptiQ’s token suply is a simple one, divided into Three Categories. Holders who have bought tokens, The Tokens which are locked in the Liquidity pool and the Tokens that have been burned forever. It’s that simple.

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